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In reality, it is possible to indicate a bunch of moments in life when it becomes necessary to check what time it is, and having a smartphone here does not always secure at all. Meanwhile, it is elementary to find out the exact time at various moments on the time now portal and it is available to prove it at least this very minute. In fact, there is no need to explain anything in a separate order about the extent to which it is necessary to find out the correct time, because, in general, all people from a civilized society are aware of this. At the same time, quite a lot of ordinary people in such a circumstance, sometimes again without having time to go anywhere, are convinced by personal experience. Of course, in an ordinary situation, the source of the correct time, in general, can be a smartphone, which is now available to the vast majority of people of any generations and social ranks. But this is not the best option, for example, in public transport or at bus stops in the city, because in such circumstances it is clearly not always convenient to pull a mobile phone out of clothing, and if it is expensive, then in practice it can be dangerous, for obvious reasons. As a result, sometimes it is relatively convenient to put on a watch or special gadgets. In addition, for the impressive total number of modern people who often go somewhere, separately to foreign powers, correct time services may be needed to positively solve any practical problems. This is due to the factor that it is rational to clarify before the trip the difference in time in general, and the current local time where exactly they are going separately. Because of this, there are all the prerequisites in a significant favor that the previously recommended website can be extremely popular. Firstly, on such a website it is always available to find out the exact time in any corner on the map. Accordingly, absolutely everyone has the opportunity to synchronize time with their own sources by looking at a special Internet portal. On the other hand, this web portal will come out useful to everyone who travels, after all, on it you can not only find out what time it is in any place, but also at the time of the need to determine the real time difference, and in addition to find out when sunset and sunrise, and a lot of other good information and data. Let us highlight that in addition to the time server, and everything that directly concerns it, it is publicly available on the Internet resource to find a huge number of valuable publications for travelers, both for those who go to a wide variety of states on vacation, as well as for those who go where — something on business or with other kinds of existing tasks.